4 Ways Technology and Social Media Can Help You Acquire Your Dream Job

Three social media and recruiting experts weigh in on how social media and technology can be used to make you stand out over other candidates. Social media platforms are not just for personal affairs, but can be used to help you get your dream job!

1. Use social media to network and make connections

It is not always feasible to attend networking events to make connections. Especially with the pandemic, there have been fewer opportunities to meet other people and get your name out there. However, social media platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook can be used to network with others without having to leave your own home.

These platforms are great for connecting with people who currently work in the area in which you would like to work. Linkedin especially can help you to find others with similar interests, says Adam Pro, Founder of IGGViral.

“You can also use these social media platforms to look around at all the available positions and make it easier for you to connect with the right person and get your foot in the door. Even if they may not be looking for people, they may be able to point you in the right direction and connect you with someone else they know. This approach to job hunting can be more rewarding as you are actively seeking employment and making lasting connections.”

2. Marketing yourself via social media

One way to use social media to help you get your dream job, is to use it as a self marketing tool. You can create content that highlights your skills and successful projects that you have completed in the past. Uploading this information on social media can give employers an idea of what you can provide their company in a fun and easy to read format, says Olivia Long at DroneGuru.

“Reposting related articles and case studies can also help attract the right people to your social media, as it makes you look interested in that field. You should also make sure to have a profile picture that makes you seem professional. Try to stay away from selfies or large group photos and instead opt for a headshot against a blank wall. You can easily take this picture yourself with your phone and a tripod, and can make a huge difference when employers are looking through your social media platforms.”

3. Download apps to help increase your skill set

There are so many interesting apps that can be downloaded to help you build upon or increase your skills. These include apps to help you with time management, problem solving, and even apps to help you learn a new language, says Jithender Reddy of Intact360 Fasteners.

“Although you would not put on your resume that you use apps to help you with your skills, using them can allow you to feel more confident about what you can offer a company. If you decide to learn a new language, or strengthen your ability to speak another language, you can use this to your advantage and will make you a desirable candidate.”

4. Asking previous employers if they can recommend you on their social media platforms

Almost every company and employer has a social media account, and usually has a pretty good following. You can sometimes ask previous employers to post content related to you in order to help you gain attention from other companies. This would obviously only work if you left on good terms, and many employers might not be open to it.

However, this can be very beneficial, especially on a platform like Linkedin as using hashtags and keywords can help other hiring managers to come across these posts and be led to your own profile, says Lucie Chavez of Radaris.

“Although many people still use social media and technology for more personal reasons, it can be used to help you get your name out there and make it easier for hiring managers to find you. It is all about using the right strategies and really building yourself up to look like a great candidate. Spending time in these areas can be very beneficial and make you stand out from other competition.”