8 Quick Tips to Be an Effective Remote Employee

Working within the comforts of your home has its advantages. However, it does not mean that it is free of challenges.

One of the biggest challenges of being a remote employee is maintaining your work-life balance. Luckily, you do not have to do anything grand to achieve it.

That’s because work-life balance boils down to imposing your boundaries and developing good habits. That said, we have listed eight quick tips that you can follow to be an effective remote employee.

Set up a dedicated workspace

Ideally, you need to set up a home office space to do your work precisely and nothing else. The fewer distractions, the better. Look for unused space and turn it into a work area.

Since your office is in your home, you have the freedom to switch it up now and then. Doing so can keep you motivated and productive.

At Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York, we often advise our clients to declutter their space before and after working. Doing so minimizes distractions and maximizes productivity.

Plan out your day

Make sure that you plan out and structure your day so that the hours won’t escape you. Come up with to-do lists, set goals, create a daily schedule complete with breaks and times to focus on deep work.

Depending on your job, you might want to break your day into chunks dedicated to doing specific tasks.

The more structure you can create throughout your workday, the less likely you’re going to end up being sidetracked.

Dress up for work

One of the benefits of working within the comforts of your home is that you can wear anything you want since a professional look isn’t always necessary. However, you can also benefit from dressing up for work, even when working remotely.

Dressing professionally isn’t only great for boosting your morale. If you have a Skype meeting with your team, it also sends them a message that you’re working.

It also improves your productivity. As the saying goes, the better you look, the better you feel and improve your performance and productivity.

Create work-life boundaries

Work-life boundaries often get blurred for remote workers. Some people will wake up, check their emails, eat breakfast while working, and before they know it, it’s already 10 pm, and they’re still working.

That’s why unplugging is vital. You have to set boundaries that will help you separate your work from your regular life. Otherwise, you run the risk of burnout, social isolation, and even depression. Also, decide on a time that you need to stop working.

Communicate proactively

If you’re working remotely, you should proactively look for ways to communicate with your colleagues.

Utilize email, phone calls, video calls, online chat software, and any other tools you can use. You can also ask people how they want to hear from you and follow those preferences.

Hold yourself accountable

Remote working is great, but it’s also too easy to fall into a trap if you’re a remote worker. Distractions are always looming around the corner, and no one could regulate that but yourself. That’s why you need to know how to hold yourself accountable.

You can do this by setting a timebox for each task that you do. Decide how long something will take, and then dedicate yourself to working on it during that time. Similarly, you can also use a time tracker or alarm so that it’s easier to be on track of things.

Focus on your health

It’s undeniable that working remotely has its advantages. Nonetheless, it has its set of drawbacks.

It’s easy to be in comfortable clothing, ordering take-out foods, and working around the click.

The best way to combat living a sedentary lifestyle is to set a routine for doing healthy activities. Make sure that you still take time to hit the gym or exercise at home, walk your dog, go to a yoga class, or spend some time in nature.

Staying fit and healthy helps you combat a sedentary lifestyle that remote working often leads to.

Be positive

All remote settings can be challenging. The less face time you spend with people, the more a concise message can come off as short-tempered or terse.

So, in a remote work setting, everyone should be positive, to the point where one is overly optimistic. So don’t be afraid to embrace that exclamation point or your favorite emoji as you might need them.

Over to You

Remote working has its perks and perils. Hence, it is essential that you remain flexible with how you go about your day.

As such, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Set up a dedicated workspace
  2. Plan out your day
  3. Dress up for work
  4. Create boundaries between work and life
  5. Start communicating proactively
  6.  Hold yourself accountable
  7. Focus on your health
  8. Be positive

When you follow these tips, you can become an effective remote employee.