A Simple Guide To Get A Edelweiss Home Loan

Edelweiss Housing Finance Private Limited is an Indian financial services firm situated in Mumbai, India, that was founded in 2008. It offers a diverse range of home loan packages to accommodate a variety of financing needs. The company thrives on providing several home loan services to serve the preference of consumers. Whether it’s for the purchase of a new home or home extension, the company offers lots of loan plans that one can get.

  • What Are The Types of House Loans Provided by Edelweiss?

Edelweiss Home Loans provides loans for various purposes. This includes a home loan to buy a residential plot or for the construction of the house, for buying a new or old house, and for improving or renovating the existing home. 

What Are The Features Of Edelweiss Home Loans?

Edelweiss home loans have the goal of fulfilling the dreams of people of buying their own house. The maximum amount of loan that the Edelweiss Home Loans provides is Rs. 35 lakh. The tenure of the loan varies from ten to 20 years, according to the loan amount. The repayment charges vary from client to client based on the current market interest rate, credit score evaluation, and some other factors. 

To avail of the loan, you also have to give a processing fee which would be specified in the terms and conditions provided by the company during the process. The Rate of Interest will also be different for different customers depending upon credit assessment. 

What Are The Advantages Of Getting A Home Loan From Edelweiss Home Loans?

The advantages of getting a loan from Edelweiss Home Loans can be clarified from the following points:

  1. It provides home loans with low-interest rates.
  2. The Edelweiss Home Loans takes a comparatively low processing fee.
  3. There are no pre-payment penalties.
  4. The company clarifies all the charges beforehand, and thus there are no hidden charges that you might find later.
  5. It provides a balanced home loan transfer.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Avail The Loan From Edelweiss Home Loans?

There are two primary conditions for getting a home loan from Edelweiss. The first one is that the age of the person should be more than 21 years. Secondly, the person should have a work experience of at least two years and should have a steady income.

What Are The Documents Required To Apply for Edelweiss Home Loans?

Some of the documents that a person would have to submit to avail of the Edelweiss Home Loans are as follows:

  1. Complete loan application
  2. Three clear passport size photographs.
  3. Identity proof document ( It can be a photocopy of an Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving Licence, Passport or a PAN Card)
  4. Document for proof of residence (It can be a photocopy of a recent Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill or Water Bill)
  5. Bank account/ Pass Book statement for the last six months
  6. A salaried employee should provide Form 16/IT returns for the last two financial years. 
  7. A self-employed person should provide IT returns for three financial years.
  8. Personal assets and liabilities statement

For a guarantor, the documents required would be personal assets and liabilities statement, two photographs, identity proof, residence proof, proof of business address and signature identification from their bank.

How Can You Apply for Edelweiss Home Loans?

For getting a home loan through Edelweiss, you can either apply online from their official website or visit a nearby Edelweiss branch with the application. You can download the home loan application form from the Edelweiss website, fill out the form completely and submit it to the bank representative. For any doubts, you can call their helpline number 1800-1026371 or mail them at homeservice@edelweissfin.com.