All That You Need to Know About Pallet Changers

A pallet changer is one of the important requirements in most warehouses where materials need to be transferred from one position to other. It can either be freestanding equipment or just be one of the components in the larger system of the material handling process.

However, in all cases, the basic role of the pallet changer or inverter remains the same which is to handle the material in the best ergonomically way. Top Industries of the USA is one of the best manufacturers of this equipment.

Usually, when you will see the operation of it may appear to be quite simple where you will see the load is transferred from one pallet to the other, which may take place in several ways because of the reasons below:

  • Hygienic-sanitary reasons (for example, changing from certain wooden pallets to plastic pallets)
  • While exiting the “white areas” for changing the pallet from plastic to wood
  • For saving on the costs of shipping pallets
  • To automate the whole operation to minimize manual handling
  • To replace any broken pallets
  • To replace any broken products

Who are the main users of pallet inverters?

Pallet inverters users can be the many different types of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Construction
  • Grocery
  • Foodservice
  • Landscape and lawn
  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Retailers
  • Warehousing

Why pallet inverters can be beneficial?

One of the basic advantages of pallet inverters is that it automates the operation by lifting, turning, and orienting loads more efficiently and safely. As an example, the removal of the spacer of a frozen food line, where a pallet inverter can handle the process almost 90% faster than manual operation.

However, each industry may have different priorities and as a result, realize the benefits of pallet inverters differently. In most cases, they offer the following advantages:

  • Enhance safety
  • Cut labour costs
  • Increase job efficiency
  • Adjust to several load heights, sizes, and shapes
  • Feature accessories like pallet grippers
  • Adapt to certain specialty jobs like gravity-assisted movements, side support, narrow and compact loads, single- and dual-clamp, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Prevent accidents and injury
  • Produce consistent and precise results
  • Hold loads firmly by using hydraulic pressure
  • Rollers ease while loading and unloading

In addition to that, there is a certain economic issue that also can be linked to this. All pallets may not be of the same quality and cost. Therefore, companies using pallets would like to minimize the cost of pallets.

Therefore, companies may like to go for the cheapest variety of pallets for their operation. As a result, companies can improve their bottom line by several thousands of dollars.

Pallet changers with customization can help companies to achieve that. Not only do pallet inverters change the expensive pallets to a cheaper variety of pallet for shipping but also reduces the time of operation and number of workers handling them.

Also, at the same time, many difficult operations can be carried out in the safest possible manner with greater efficiency. Last but not the least, pallet inverters can make the operation efficient and as a result, the company can avoid any customer dissatisfaction.

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