Ask these questions for hiring an Idaho car accident attorney

Drivers are expected to adhere to on-road safety norms. Around six million car accidents are reported in the US on an average each year. Some of these accidents are minor fender benders, while others cause massive destruction and fatalities. If you ever end up in a crash in Idaho, your first step should be about calling 911 to get medical assistance for the injured. You should also report the accident to the local law enforcement if it resulted in injury, death, or hefty property damage. If the other driver was at fault, you could file a third-party insurance claim, but consider talking to an attorney before that. Here are some questions to ask for hiring the right Idaho car accident attorney

  1. What can you tell about your experience? When it comes to accident lawsuits and auto crash claims, you need a personal injury lawyer. A skilled attorney is someone who has handled similar cases in the past and doesn’t step back from taking action. If the insurance company doesn’t pay a fair settlement, your lawyer should be capable of filing a civil lawsuit against the party at fault. You can also ask the lawyer about references and their success rate. 
  2. What is your evaluation of my case? It is okay to believe that you are entitled to a settlement, but you cannot expect anything unless you can prove that the other driver was negligent. Even the best lawyers cannot promise an outcome, but they can definitely share an assessment of the case. They can explain the factors that can impact your settlement, including your share in fault (if any). 
  3. How much would you charge? The good news is you don’t have to pay an accident lawyer right away. Personal injury lawyers take a contingency fee for most cases. If the lawyer cannot get a settlement for your claim or lawsuit, they don’t get a dime. However, you may have to incur other expenses. Read a fine print of the costs and expenses in advance. Lawyers can charge anywhere from 25% to 40% of the settlement as their fee (if and when you win). 

Finally, don’t forget to ask about the time needed for the case. Experienced lawyers will always prep for the worst possible circumstances, and they can start gathering evidence soon after the accident. If you want to get legal help, do not step back from calling a lawyer at the earliest.