China Buying Agent – The Best Way to Get Deals In Chinese Markets 

Companies may often come across the term “China buying agent”Also popularly referred to as the purchasers or buyers, these agents are always in close connection with the company lenders, and managers and they are responsible for negotiating the product requirements and price with the suppliers in the market. 

Ideally, a good China buying agent must be a master at negotiation and must have good conflict resolution skills. Besides that, he must have good attention to the minute details and must understand what the company or his hirer needs and the same requirements shall be communicated to the producer most understandably and easily. 

If you are trading between different economies like iChina, then it is indispensable that you have a China buying agent as he would be your foot soldier. He would act as your proxy in the market. Having a local presence when you are outsourcing products from china is very crucial as it would ensure that you make the right business decisions. 

Chinese purchasing agents

A China buying agent is an agent, who resides in China and coordinates all the crucial tasks like shipping and purchasing of the equipment. He also takes care of the supplies of the product. While the wholesale buyers buy the products to sell them again, these Chinese agents procure the raw materials, goods and services and other things which are important for business. 

These purchasing agents can be engaged by various organizations like different schools, government offices, universities and businesses that are interested in doing business with the agents and availing the benefit of their services. The primary and most crucial task of China buying agent is to monitor the quality of the products. 

They are also required to keep an eye on the fluctuating tendencies of the market. All of the data gathered by the agent will be crucial in calculating the cost of the product and the salary which needs to be dispensed to the workers for their tasks performed. The agents are also tasked with verifying the prices of the products and procuring information on the substitute products. 

They are also responsible for authorizing the payments for the products which are received and the requisition of the goods that are purchased. It is the China buying agent who will resolve the issue if any arises relating to the shipping of the goods. They organize the schedule of the company’s production even with different and numerous suppliers. 

They are in constant touch with the suppliers to ensure that there is no delay in receiving the final product. If there is any possible delay in the delivery of the item, then the same will be communicated from the supplier to the agent. The agent can then take the goods in advance. In many organizations, the purchasing agent and other departments work in tandem.

This is a unique combination to increase their productivity. For instance, the China buying agent works with the finance team to assort all the documents of purchase. They take care of and compile all the paperwork, orders of the expedition, etc. agents also store crucial data regarding the buying, assessing and listing trends. 

In some other cases, the agents are in close connection with other teams to support in the form of educational sessions. Many small organizations might order their purchasing agents to execute all of the purchasing responsibilities for them. In other cases, some big organizations can employ hundreds of purchasing agents and all will be responsible for procuring different raw materials. 

The duty of a China buying agent includes but is not limited to managing the supply chain, analysis of the data, recording all the collection, keeping an eye on all the logistics, and accounting of all the business operations. Besides being good at management skills and maths, they must have a unique set of skills to be good at their job. 

Since the prime task of a collecting agent is to coordinate the duties, then they must have great communication skills in both oral and written form because many times the communication may occur thru the mode of a phone call and in other instances, the communication will be by the virtue of emails or texts. 

These sets of skills also allow the agent to foster and maintain a good bonding with the different teams with whom they are supposed to be working. Negotiating skills are also required because they must convince the seller to offer the products at the desired price so that their client is not required to pay more than what he is willing to pay. 

Research and analytical skills are also important because they are important in decision-making in the business. It is only when the person will have a substantial amount of information in the field that he can make the correct decisions. The China buying agent must be rational in his business approach and must not take rash decisions which might the interest of his client. 

Why should you hire a China buying agent

The benefits of hiring a purchasing agent in china are innumerable. Here is a list of reasons to consider engaging a Chinese buying agent:

1- Knowledge of the industry- the agent that you will hire will have a lot of information and will be abreast with the latest developments and trends in the industry. They are completely aware of what type of products you want and they also know the right person or vendor to procure the products from.

2- Language barrier- one of the major issues of traders of other countries in china is the language barrier. There are very few people who are well-versed in Mandarin. In such a situation, engaging a China buying agent who is fluent in Mandarin as well as English is very beneficial for your business convenience.

In this way, you can easily communicate all of your needs and priorities to the seller.


Managing shipment issues is one of the major works of the Chinese buying agent. If you are planning to procure the raw materials or the products from China, then make sure that you hire such an agent.