Company Names: 3 Things Modern Entrepreneurs Have to Consider

Choosing a company name is a fundamental task that comes with starting a new business. In the old days – which is to say before the internet – there wasn’t much to it. Entrepreneurs looked for catchy and memorable names that were in some way associated with their brands. Today though, things are different.

Entrepreneurs have to consider the digital world when choosing a company name in the 21st century. That is because digital technologies have changed the way customers find businesses. And because company names are so intrinsically linked to brand, it is imperative that entrepreneurs consider how the internet and its users will react to both name and brand.

An entrepreneur can use the TRUiC business name generator to come up with suggestions that account for internet technologies. But even with those suggestions, three things have to be considered very carefully:

  •  Domain Name Creation

No modern company will effectively reach its target audience without being online. That is just the reality. Therefore, entrepreneurs must give consideration to domain name registration when they choose a company. Whatever name they settle on has to be easy to work into a domain. Why? Because if it doesn’t, there are bound to be conflicts.

Rare is the company whose business name and domain names are completely unrelated. And in such situations, it is even more rare for companies to succeed on both fronts. In almost all cases, successful businesses have company names that are easily translated into effective domain names.

  • Existing Social Media

Next up is social media and its primary concern for brands: that someone else is already using a chosen name. This actually happens more often than you think. An entrepreneur will come up with a company name, then search for it on social media only to discover that is already being used.

Here’s the thing: even if the name isn’t officially registered as owned by a particular company, it might already be associated with another person or entity to such an extent that registering the name for yourself would be a waste of time and money.

The reality is that social media rules the internet. An entrepreneur looking at a name that is already widely circulated throughout social media needs to go back to their business name generator and try again.

  • SEO Compatibility

Once an entrepreneur gets past domain names and social media concerns, it is on to SEO compatibility. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, which is a collection of tools and strategies utilized by marketers to improve a website’s performance on the major search engines. Perhaps you already know that SEO is driven largely by keywords.

There are times when choosing a company name that can simultaneously double as a logical and natural keyword makes sense. There are other times when doing so would be counterproductive. An entrepreneur either has to understand the SEO value of their chosen name or consult with an expert who can figure it out.

In terms of SEO compatibility, there is one caveat: business names should never be chosen solely as keywords. It is better to have a company name closer to your brand and use specific keywords in your tagline instead. Above all else, a company’s name and its brand should be intrinsically tied together.

Choosing a company name prior to the internet was fairly straightforward. It is anything but in the internet era. Today’s entrepreneurs have to consider domain names, social media, and SEO compatibility – in addition to all those other factors that make for a good business name. Maybe that’s why automated business name generators exist.