Different Uses of Pallet Inverter in Warehouses

As a manager of any warehouse, it is important to know the importance of managing the various inventories in such a way that there will be a minimum of damaged stock.

Let us try to know what a retourneur de palette that we know in English called a pallet turner or inverter can play a specific role to help a warehouse manager.

A machine called a pallet inverter or pallet turner is used to turn over complete pallet loads of parcels or goods. Pallet inverters are also referred to as devices that only rotate a palletized load through 90°

The reasons why there is a need to turn over a pallet differs in different sector and a few of them can be:

  • Have a proper access

The basic reason is to have proper access to the bottom of any load without going for manually unloading all of the boxes /bags. In case a pallet or slip sheet gets damaged then it can be replaced by just inverting the load, and again inverting the load

  • Turning the item

Often a manufacturer simply requires turning their products for stopping their contents from settling. In a few industries, it is needed to transfer commodities from one kind of pallet to another.

As an example plastic pallets are an ideal choice for onsite storage. On the other hand, wooden pallets are the best option for shipping of goods.

  • For rapid freezing

A few products need rapid freezing immediately after their production and packaging. Processes may use freezer spacers between each box tiers on a pallet.

This can promote air flow for any controlled and accelerated refrigeration. Before shipping, these spacers can always be removed with a pallet inverter. This will rotate the load at 90° to allow easy removal and reuse.

  • Provide better protection to the racking

It is not too uncommon for products to sustain any damage while stowed on shelving. Whether it is careless handling while stowing or because of a brush with a forklift or an order picker, your racking is vulnerable, and also are the products inside.

Here is what to know about racking:

  • Consider shape and weight when designing racking
  • Install protection in certain critical areas.
  • Engage Employees in a Culture of Safety

The advantages of training workers on safety come with reduced personal injury risks and product damage. Not all workplace incidents involve damage to both humans and saleable merchandise

The other reason for maintaining a culture of safety is about knowing the limits of your employees. Products may get damaged, and individuals may get injure when workers are pushed beyond their ability and reasonable expectations

If you find your workers are damaging products while on the job or often getting injured, then it is a sign you must slow down and recommit to safety.

  • Clean up 

Finally, let us end with a note on proper cleanliness. It is a lesson all must have learned since childhood, but the basics can often slip our minds when there will be deadlines to meet and urgent orders to fulfil.

Pallet inverters are built into production lines or can be used as a standalone product and also customized as per the need of the warehouse.