How Do Customs Brokerage Firms Help With FBA?

Getting your imported goods to touch the US soil and clear the US border is no joke. The tough customs policies make it a very tedious task that nobody other than a customs broker can handle. But, did you know that your headache isn’t really over even after the broker gets the goods to get past the customs? It’s mostly relevant for businesses that import goods to sell them on Amazon.

Wondering what can go wrong once the goods have been legally cleared? Well, here’s what can happen (and does happen a lot).

  1. You hire a freight forwarding company to collect your goods from the customs and take them to Amazon warehouses.
  2. When you hire less trusted companies, they have excuses: the road was tricky, the driver for the shift was unavailable, and so much more.

Anybody who has had to leave the goods in the customs warehouses knows how expensive it is. This is where the Clearit USA Amazon fba program comes into the picture.

Yes, they’re import and export brokers. But, what you might not know is that they offer freight forwarding services too.

They’re hardcore professionals: no matter your goods are arriving by sea, road, or air, they will have their trucks ready to load your goods and deliver them to the Amazon facility you’re chosen on time.

Remember, selling on Amazon is lucrative. Whilst Amazon promises to pack and transport your goods to your online customers, it’s not the duty of the company to bring your goods to their warehouses.

Trusted brokerage firms like Clearit take it upon themselves to ensure your goods reach their destination safely.

Now that you know how freight forwarding services by giants like Clearit USA can help you keep up with your schedule, here’s another quick guide on why you should hire them to import your goods.

  1. They handle shipments arriving by air, ocean, as well as trucks.
  2. They do not just do the paperwork, they also keep in contact with the customs authorities to make sure there’s no lag in getting the goods cleared.
  3. They require basic documents from you: airway bill number, declaration of goods and content in the cargo, and so on.

These are the very basic things you have to supply them with. They take care of the rest. So, whether it’s freight forwarding that you need to deliver your goods to Amazon warehouses or you need to get your goods cleared at customs, elite custom brokerage firms will definitely help!