How Do You Sell Your Used Food-Grade IBC Totes?

You can go online and quickly find food-grade IBC totes for sale just about anywhere in the country. Even if you cannot find a seller locally, you can find one willing to ship to you. But what if you do not want to buy? What if you are looking to sell? It is not like you can just throw a tote out in the yard along with that old pickup truck that has been gathering dust in the garage.

Believe it are not, there are numerous ways to sell used food-grade IBC totes. The question is really more of to whom you want to sell them. Your customer base largely determines your best avenue for sale.

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Your first option is to sell them in-house just by advertising locally. This would be an option if you have older food-grade IBC totes that are not necessarily food-safe any longer. Who would buy such totes? Use your imagination; there are plenty of possibilities.

A used tote that still holds water would be perfect for a contractor offering power washing services. It could be the ideal receptacle for a farmer who needs to haul water around the farm. A window washing company could use a tote to carry its chemicals.

If your totes still are food safe, maybe they would appeal to a local restaurant or craft brewery. Perhaps a local dairy would be interested. There may be more potential buyers in your area than you think.

  • Selling to a Recycler

Food-grade IBC totes made from polyethylene can be recycled. Come to think of it, stainless steel totes can be recycled as well. There just isn’t as much of a market for them. At any rate, recyclers will generally come to your property to pick up the totes from you. They make you a cash offer that you can either accept or refuse.

This may be a better option if the totes are in such a condition but they don’t warrant further use by a new owner. A good example would be plastic totes that have holes in them. Repairing them doesn’t make sense, and the holes are in positions that make the totes virtually unusable. Off to the recycler they go.

  • Selling to a Broker

This post opened with a comment about searching the internet for food-grade IBC totes for sale. New totes come from manufacturers and their distributors. But used totes are sold by brokers. Where do you think brokers get the totes from? From sellers like you.

Used tote brokers tend to work on one of two models. The first is the contingency model, whereby you retain possession while the broker lists them on your behalf. Only when they sell do you pay the broker. Generally, it is a percentage of the sale price.

The other model is consignment. This is where the broker takes possession of the totes and sells them on your behalf. You pay a consignment fee at the very least. You might also need to pay part of the sale price as a premium.

Manufacturers of new totes, like Houston’s CedarStone Industry, do not have a corner on food-grade IBC totes for sale. You can sell used totes your company no longer has use for. Advertise locally and see what you can do. There may be businesses in your town interested in taking them off your hands.

If you strike out, you can always contact a recycler or sell to a broker. Someone out there has to be interested in them. It just might take some time to locate that person.