How helpful is a modern 3D floor plan creator?

At first, architects usually use the schematic drawing technique to create floor plans with pencils. Later, designers may squeeze more detail into the floor plan. In modern times, architects prefer to use digital software to create floor plan. Today, non-professional users with limited skills can easily create floor plans based on predefined auto-creation features, templates, and symbols.

First, we need to download a versatile plan creator.

Then follow the steps below to get you started in no time.

Select a location – Decide the area you want to target; consider how many rooms or floors you need and how big the whole area is, how big and what shape it would have.

List of Key Factors – Make a comprehensive list of needs and requirements that you think are important.

Measure Features – Measure features including walls, doors, windows, relevant furniture, electrical outlets, architectural features and fireplaces, etc.

Draw the General Structure – Construct walls, doors and floors for the building.

Add Other Functions – Insert equipment like refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer and other important appliances that need to be placed in specific place. Also add furniture if necessary.

Evaluate and Double Check – Double check your floor plan carefully considering all usable space, privacy and accessibility etc.

Things to keep in mind when designing your floor plan

Be Flexible – The functions of your design can change over time. So make sure that your floor plan also meets future layout needs.

Be Practical – Bathrooms should be away from kitchens or dining rooms, and there should be more space for a living room or the addition of a storage room if you have a large family. Also, if you want to build a home office, make sure that more sunlight can reach your room.

Reception plan

A home plan, or sometimes called a house plan, is a series of construction drawings that determine the overall construction specifications of a residential house, layouts, built-in facilities and resources, etc.

Office layout

The office layout shows where your employees work and interact with each other. There are many subtypes within the office layout category to support different work styles and organizational cultures – cubicle office layout, team office, open office layout, home office, etc.

Seat classification plan

Normally, a seating plan indicates where the audience should be seated and in what order. It makes it easy to distinguish guests or differentiate passengers between different ticket categories.

Garden Design

It is the process of designing and creating plans for garden planting and landscapes. Good garden design generally involves an enjoyable experience of connecting with nature.

Fire and Rescue Plan

This type of sign indicates the evacuation plan of a set of actions that must be taken by personnel in the event of a fire or other related emergencies.

Recommend versatile floor plan software

Get rid of endless document projects or complex tools that require professional skills or experience. Foyr Neo can do for you – built-in editable floor plan templates, drag-and-drop user interface and drawing board, personal or team cloud account for better and faster communication, convenient definition of unit, ruler, dimension or quick check of your floor plan accuracy, one-click sharing or exporting your work to many different formats, including PDF, graphic formats, Visio, MS Office and more.