How To Effectively Set Up A Virtual Office In Columbus, OH

The emergence of virtual offices was one of the best things to happen for people. It is no doubt that the pandemic led to many changes in the world. It also led to the realization that working remotely without losing productivity is possible. However, some challenges can arise if the company isn’t well set up or prepared to operate remotely. Outsourcing most business processes can help with this ordeal, and getting a virtual office is an effective method. Setting up a virtual office Columbus Ohio is one of the best locations.

A virtual office gives people the ideal remote working solution for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Virtual offices can work for SMEs and corporate giants with thousands of employees. With a virtual office, a company can get a virtual address that will help boost the brand image and allow people to test new markets. Growing businesses especially use virtual offices to rise to the next level. Virtual offices allow for exceptional teamwork and support that helps employees to work efficiently from anywhere.

What is a Virtual Office?

Before delving into how to set up a virtual office, it is essential to know what it is. It is a flexible working service that offers businesses impressive addresses and remote services without having a physical space. One of the reasons to get a virtual office is to cut rental costs, which can blow out of proportion. A virtual office allows business owners and employees to work anywhere in the world. Remote work has been on the rise, and virtual will enable businesses to acquire the best talent. All of this comes with professional support, depending on the provider.

Services Included in a Virtual Office Package

As aforementioned, the services included in a virtual office package depend on the provider. Intelligent Office is a virtual office Columbus Ohio that offers quality services in its package, including the following:

  • Office space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Virtual address 
  • Phone Answering
  • Virtual Assistant

Setting Up a Virtual Office

Remote work should be simple. The main reason for the emergence of remote work is to make things easier for the business owner and employees. Knowing how to set up a virtual office can save time and headaches. Here are the main steps to consider when setting up a virtual office:

Choosing a business location and Address

One of the main aspects of setting up a virtual office is picking a desirable location that will make the business stand out and give it access to a larger market. Business owners who want a virtual office have to think about the country, city, or building they want to be registered at. Choosing an office building in a reputable area with similar successful companies is advisable.


Just like setting up a physical office, it is vital to budget for a virtual office before signing any lease. This will ensure that the business needs are met while staying within the budget. Choosing a virtual space over a physical one allows businesses to save on overhead that can be reallocated for other important purposes, such as improving the company’s technology.

Selecting the Virtual Office Services to Match Business Needs

Virtual office packages usually come with a wide array of services. However, companies have different needs, and these packages allow companies to select those they need for daily operations. Companies that look to host face-to-face meetings on occasion or welcome guests can find office providers that offer ad hoc use of lounges and meeting rooms.

Reviewing Terms of Contract

Before working with any virtual office Columbus Ohio, a contract should be signed clearly indicating the terms and details of the package. The finer details could include the services, facilities, length of lease, and more.

Readying to Start

This is undeniably the most exciting part. It is important to communicate to employees or teammates on the launch plan. Training should be done so that all members know how a virtual office works. Customers and business partners should also be notified about the change of address to avoid any confusion.

A virtual office is revolutionary and can help any team grow. At Intelligent Office, we offer a premium virtual office Columbus Ohio. Revolutionize your business today