How to Expand the Size of Your ADU

When living in a tiny place, maximizing your space is vital. Certain tactics may be used to make your ADU (accessory dwelling unit) appear larger than it is. ADUs are becoming more widespread, particularly in metropolitan areas. One of the most important reasons for this is that they offer a more affordable housing choice while yet preserving many of the conveniences of a regular home. Despite the fact that ADUs are frequently smaller than ordinary homes, some people are anxious that they would feel crowded or claustrophobic.

An ADU in San Ramon, CA, may be the appropriate alternative if you want to extend the living area on your property. ADUs offer more privacy, security, design flexibility, and location flexibility, to mention a few advantages. Acton ADU, one of the best ADU builders in San Ramon, CA, will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your new home fulfills all of your requirements. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in making your family’s living space more efficient, contact Acton ADU right away. If we work together, we can create the finest atmosphere for you.

Light Colors Should Be Used

The color palette is really important to consider while creating your backyard house. When choosing colors for walls and ceilings, one of the most significant elements to consider is how the colors will affect how spacious and bright the space seems to the eye. Furthermore, more brilliant colors, without a doubt, contribute to a sense of openness and brightness, enlarging and enriching the area.

Keep the walls and ceilings light in color if you want to get the most out of your ADU in San Ramon, CA. White and other light colors, such as pale green or blue, are thought to be harmless. Dark colors, on the other hand, have the reverse effect of making areas appear smaller and darker. Create a beautiful and effective ADU that maximizes the space in your backyard by following these simple recommendations.

Make Use of Mirrors

In order to create a comfortable, practical living environment, it is vital to consider light and space while constructing an ADU in San Ramon, CA. Mirrors are helpful in increasing the amount of light in a confined place. Mirrors reflect light and offer the illusion of more room, which is essential in an ADU with limited floor space. Mirrors can be hung on your apartment’s walls, put on bookshelves or tables, or even installed into furniture like vanities or cupboards.

Take the appropriate care, though, because too many mirrors may make a space appear cluttered or overbearing. Overall, including mirrors in your ADU is a simple yet efficient approach to making the most of every square foot of living space.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter is a significant impediment to having a welcoming and effective ADU. If clutter is not handled correctly, it may quickly fill up space, crowd out items, and make finding them difficult. You must often deal with clutter if you want to maintain your ADU in San Ramon, CA, appearing and feeling tidy and clean.

Make sure you have a method in place for getting rid of unwanted objects, whether you do it every day or only sometimes. This might range from donating old toys and clothes to recycling unnecessary documents. The sooner you get rid of unnecessary items, the simpler it will be to enjoy your ADU and feel at ease in its surroundings. Set aside some time today to organize your waste and improve the functionality of your house!

Allow For Natural Light

Making the most of natural light is one of the most excellent methods to maximize space in an ADU. Finding natural ways to brighten your home is especially essential because delivering a lot of sunlight into underground areas can be difficult. Installing shades that can be pulled back to let in as much light as possible is a sensible solution.

Consider adding skylights or solar tubes to maximize natural light and make your home seem more open and breezy. Finally, using natural light wherever possible may make your ADU in San Ramon, CA, feel more extensive and more enjoyable. Regardless of where you are in your remodeling journey or how many works you have finished, there is always time to implement these methods.

Selecting Furniture Wisely

How your furniture will be organized is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while constructing a little ADU. People frequently choose enormous, heavy furnishings that take up too much space and make the area appear much smaller. Stick with essential components that can be readily relocated or altered as needed. Instead of huge sofas or rockers, use modest side and coffee tables. Look for beds that can be quickly put away when not in use, such as Murphy beds or bunk beds. You can make your ADU in San Ramon, CA, into a usable room with a bit of planning and design.

ADU Construction in San Ramon, CA

If you want to expand your home, an ADU is a terrific option. ADUs can be created from scratch or modified from existing residences. Families can profit significantly from these flexible housing alternatives while also increasing flexibility and expense. ADUs are particularly well-suited to multigenerational families since they allow parents and children to live nearby while yet having their own private places.

We take pleasure in our devotion to great artistry and innovation at Acton ADU in San Ramon, CA, and we specialize in building unique designs for these uncommon living areas. Our skilled design team will collaborate with you directly to create the ideal ADU design that suits your needs while complementing the elegance of your current home.

We are the go-to company for all of your needs since we have many years of experience assisting homeowners in reaping the benefits of ADUs. If you’re ready to expand your property, go to to learn more about how an ADU may help you get started.