How to invest in Dubai? Best ways to invest in Dubai in 2020

Real estate investment in Dubai is a recognized long-term investment, and since 2002 Dubai has become a hub for real estate investors. Before researching how to invest in Dubai, the investor searches for ways, locations and entry points to safe real estate investment.

How to invest in Dubai: the best way to invest

Real estate investment in Dubai generates good rental returns for investors and is a popular choice among investors. During 2017 alone, 69,000 real estate investment deals were concluded in Dubai, with a total value exceeding AED 285 billion. During 2016, the total investment deals in Dubai amounted to 259 billion dirhams, through 41,766 deals.

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Among the other outlets for choosing to invest in Dubai is investing in rooms or hotel apartments in Dubai where the investor buys a room in the hotel, and since the room is occupied by guests, the investor gets regular rental income, and investments in Dubai hotels are a stable option for successful investment, due to The tourism sector is witnessing steady growth and continues to maintain a larger share of the country’s GDP each year, and investment in Dubai hotels follows the fully managed asset class. Consequently, the investment company is responsible for maintenance, advertising and other daily matters.

Best places to invest in Dubai in 2020

The site is one of the main factors when choosing to invest in Dubai real estate, because its location determines its proximity or distance from vital facilities, and therefore it is an important aspect that investors consider before taking a real estate investment decision in Dubai. Investing in Dubai real estate near a landmark, as in Dubai Marina or Business Bay, is a preferred option among new investors. Among the best investment locations in Dubai are those near offices, commercial centers, or tourist sites.

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Investing in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a thriving business center with a range of stunning towers, and according to the Property Finder website, Dubai Marina has ranked first as the most searched area for real estate since 2011, and many people who visit Dubai during business, residence or investment trips are preferred In Dubai Marina.

In addition to the water views, Dubai Marina is a pioneer option due to its location near business offices in Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, and thus this is a source of attraction for many businessmen who prefer to stay near their workplace and in a prestigious neighborhood that provides many social amenities and a walkway The famous Dubai Marina makes it an attractive destination for people who want to invest in Dubai.

Investing in Downtown and Business Bay

Downtown Dubai (also known as Downtown Dubai) is home to the tallest tower and the largest mall in the world, as Downtown Dubai’s attractions are very popular internationally, attracting millions of tourists and visitors annually with the aim of tourism or real estate investment in Dubai. The Business Bay, as the name implies, is a commercial center in Dubai. These two regions are one of the main tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates and are distinguished by their location in the city center. In addition, Business Bay is an important destination for people who want to invest in Dubai.

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Investing in Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights, formerly known as ‘Tecom’, will host global companies on the Fortune 500 list, which includes BBC World, Microsoft, HP, CNN, Reuters and CNN. NBC “and other well-known companies. It should be noted that the region has a large number of serviced apartments in Dubai suitable for real estate investment. It is the best choice for your visitors, as it is located in the heart of New Dubai as well as being a commercial center.

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Investing in Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City was launched in 2003 as a sports center in Dubai, hosting academies for golf, cricket, hockey, soccer, swimming and rugby, to name a few. Because of its location close to the main roads in Dubai and only 15 minutes away from the highly anticipated Expo 2020 site, this city is a recommended option for investors in general and also investment in hotel apartments in Dubai, where millions of visitors are expected to arrive in Dubai during the Expo events 2020 in Dubai.

Investing in Jumeirah Village Circle

The Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the fastest growing locations in Dubai, and is a short drive from the site of Expo 2020 and the main commercial attractions in Dubai. During the first three quarters of 2015, it was ranked second in terms of transportation rates in Dubai, and is a 20-minute drive from Al Maktoum International Airport. According to the International Exhibition Office, Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to attract millions of visitors to the country. The demand for hotels and hotel apartments in Dubai increases in particular at Jumeirah Circle during and after Expo 2020.

Choose an investment company in Dubai

The choice of an investment company in Dubai has a good reputation in the place of the importance of choosing a good location, it is important to choose a well-known investment company in the region and has experience in providing the best investment methods in Dubai, and after choosing the appropriate real estate asset category, the optimal location and the hotel management company or a suitable investment company In Dubai, the investor can ensure that he is investing in Dubai in a correct and successful manner.

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