Kartra And Kajabi Compared

It is not a simple task to compare Kartra and Kajabi. Truth be told, nothing is more important than the tool you use to build your online business. For this reason, you need to make sure that your choice for these tools is the best. With that said and done, let us begin this Kartra and Kajabi Compared article.

Kartra Vs Kajabi 2020

Now, let’s compare and contrast some of the features of these two tools.

Websites And Products

When it comes to website and products, we can proudly say that Kajabi is better.

When it comes to website and products, here is what you can expect from Kajabi:

– Your own custom URLs
– You can choose your own theme
– All your customers share one login, something that is very beneficial

Apart from these three, Kajabi’s website and products have very many other features. However, this doesn’t mean that Kartra does not have any of these things. It’s just that the former is better than the later when it comes to websites and products in our opinion.

Even though it might seem like Kajabi is without a doubt the best choice, there are a number of features of Kartra that are much better than those of Kajabi.

Kajabi Vs Kartra Funnels

When it comes to sales funnels, Kartra is the best. This tool is also powerful when used in combination with campaigns.

Kajabi also can help you build your whole online presence through sales pipelines and funnels.

If you are looking for software tools that can allow you to get your sales funnels up and running without wasting anytime, then both Kartra and Kajabi will do the trick. However, Kartra is the best choice when it comes to those two features.

High Converting Pages

Both Kartra and Kajabi can create high converting pages. The only difference is when it comes to smooth drag and drop builders that make it easier to get the funnel up and running quickly, Kartra wins.

And when it comes to clean and simple landing pages that can be built, Kajabi is the best.
Among other features in Kartra is their done for you campaigns. This feature allows you to get started with your marketing campaigns quickly.

Below is another unique feature of Kartra that sets it apart from Kajabi.


Apart from the fact that Kartra enables you to build a community within their platform, Kartra also has helpdesks built into their software.

So what does this mean for you?

– Nearly everything will be under one roof
– You won’t need to install a third-party help desk tool

Below is another area of comparison between the two tools:

How Much Are They?

Both tools have multiple pricing plans. Kajabi has three plans while Kartra also has three.

The three Kajabi plans are as follows:

– Basic at $149 per month
– Growth at $199 per month
– Pro at $399 per month

Kartra on the other hand has:

– Starter at $99 per month
– Silver at $199 per month
– Gold at $299 per month

Apart from these three, Kartra also has a few higher plans.