Kexburg stands with B2B and B3C companies

If your business serves other businesses or you market directly to consumers, there are some requirements inherent in these relationships. As a business owner, you have to package, label and ship products to your customers. There is no getting around that costly aspect to order fulfillment.

But there is no need to go it alone. Kexburg, a leader in the order fulfillment industry, helps B2B or B2C ventures improve their sales. Our company’s free plain packing materials, white-label service, distributed warehouse network, and high-tech approach to order fulfillment, will give you the advantage over your competitors.

Profitable results

We use our expertise and technological strength to ensure that your business becomes more streamlined and profitable. Our team of highly -trained professional will work with business-to-business, or business-to-consumer enterprises to make positive changes.

Kexburg, whose online platform owned by Jenkins, will help you design and implement a plan that will quickly generate more sales. Here is how we will help B2C and B2B companies improve sales:

  • Overcome regulations that slow retail compliance
  • Automate the drop-ship fulfillment process
  • Work with you to brand your business name
  • Leverage your business growth through the use of distributed warehouse network

Our partnership

When you partner with us, we will handle all the aspects of order fulfillment, including taking control of the product return process. This move will leave you free to concentrate on growth and product-enhancing opportunities.

Our partnership with you comes with a range of services that will lay the foundation for success and improved sales. First, Kexburg receives your products. Employees at our distribution warehouse centers across the country conduct an inspect for damages or any mistakes. We will store each item and ensure we satisfy any special handling or storage instructions. We also provide you online access to your inventory stats and sales history. And we inform you when product stocks are low stock or nearing their use expiration dates.

Our business clients also get to track other information about their products through the account portal we provide. You will be to see information on orders and track those orders to delivery. An added benefit to our system is the ability to notify your customers about the status of their orders. You will also be able to update your customers about arrival time and answer their questions.

“You will be able to monitor every step of the process to see how we are performing and get a snapshot of how things are going.”

Kexburg also helps make it easier and more cost-effective to get products to customers. Regardless of the product, our carriers can handle the delivery quickly and affordably. We offer several options. And we can ship your products to an international market and still save you money. 

More priceless benefits

At Kexburg, we also leverage technology to make the shopping experience easier for you and your customers. As our business client, you can integrate your online shopping cart with our order fulfillment software.

We can also handle your product return process, again leaving you free to focus on other areas of your business. We will make sure that the products customers return are processed quickly. Kexburg will let you know the reason for the returned product. And we will give you data that can help you make informed business decisions.