Plan The Best Place to Stay After Retirement to Have a Peaceful Life

Retirement is considered the golden years of that period where you have almost no financial or social obligations. All these years I have seen my parents working like a machine. For them, retirement is all about getting rid of those hectic days and living a peaceful and non-robotic life. So, we decided to give them a peaceful life at our old farmhouse. They will have their freedom, personal space, away from traffic, and busy life.

Shifting was not a big deal. We hired a moving company to move all their favorite furniture back there. We gifted them a brand new car that was handled by the car shipping company. Since it was a new car, we had to look around to get the best deal from a reputable company.

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I was going through my laptop to find the best states where we can spend our remaining life, and this is what I got –

  • Florida is known for retiring homes and communities because the major population is adults from 65 years and older. There are beaches to relax, varieties of entertainment, outdoor activities, and perfect weather all year.
  • Arkansas has a low cost of living, there are retirement communities, and it’s the best place to enjoy nature and wildlife.
  • Nebraska is known for its low crime rate, and you can enjoy a bunch of activities, nature, and wildlife in all four seasons.
  • Colorado has low property taxes and a good healthcare system. You will experience scenic beauty while staying in affordable homes.
  • New Hampshire has no personal income tax law. But it has a good quality of life and the best healthcare system.
  • West Virginia has a vast number of affordable homes. With good weather and a healthcare system, you also get a low cost of living and property taxes.
  • South Carolina has low taxes and a large number of affordable homes. Seniors staying here can enjoy the scenic beauty and all sorts of activities and events to stay healthy.
  • Delaware may be a small town, but it is just the opposite of the crowded and busy life of big cities. It is the best place with serenity, low taxes, and good homes.
  • Arizona is known for warm weather and wonderful nature with mountains. There are many retiring communities in the state which makes it the best place for retired citizens.
  • Utah has a low crime rate, low cost of living, and perfect weather which makes it the best place to reside.
  • Kentucky has mild winters and warm summers and an affordable cost of living with low taxes.
  • Ohio may have cold winters, but it offers the most affordable homes in the country and low taxes.
  • Everybody loves Hawaii and it is a place for retired people. The weather is good, the crime rate is low, the ambiance is friendly, but the cost of living is a bit high.

I have realized that after retiring even my dream is to shift to a place where I will get my freedom back. You just need to have a good retirement plan which will take care of your medical and basic requirements of life.