Reasons To Add Testimonials to Your Marketing Strategy

Testimonials are like votes that the majority of the modern population needs to make a purchase decision. The world is saturated with influencer [distrust] and news [fake]. Customers are tired of exaggerated sales claims. So, testimonials are crucial to both marketers and customers. 

Companies also look at client testimonials before awarding contracts to service providers for IT support, network support, fleet management, security services, etc. These testimonials speak about the credibility of a business, and tells others that they are committed to fulfilling their offerings. It is understood that such companies work towards fulfilling their customer needs and ensure a better experience.

Reasons to add testimonials in your marketing strategy

Builds trust

Will one choose a company without any reviews or with piles of positive reviews? 72% of people find positive testimonials and reviews make them trust, while 88% of people trust testimonials and online reviews. The stats show massive credibility, which can be leveraged with well-executed testimonial campaigns from real customers. 

Offer social proof

Recommendations from family and friends are generally accepted because you trust them. Products advertised by celebrities are often popular. It is social proof that if the product or service is fine for them then it is okay for me. Use testimonials to tap the society’s herd mentality. It is an efficient sales strategy!

Show how your brand resolves pain points

A video testimonial is the best way to show a brilliant demonstration of how your brand was able to resolve recurring customers challenge. Video content illustrations with genuine user testimonials mean you are on the right path for customer engagement. More than 70% of customers prefer to learn about the product or services by watching short videos. 

Refine your brand

Everyone loves a good story. Our psyches have inbuilt feelings of empathy and curiosity for other people, so testimonials are effective. It offers an interesting angle that allows customers to relate to and better understand the brand before other potential buyers. 

Millions of dollars are spent on jazzy ad campaigns to show a brand’s human side. The same outcome is achieved at less loss via sourcing good testimonials. More than 34% of the B2B buyers consider dealer-related content as reliable, so testimonial sourcing is worth the effort!

Increase conversions

58% of customers take action after reading customer reviews and converting. More than 50 reviews can generate a conversion rate of 4.6%, which you must not just think about but proactively take steps to tap in. The thing here is to be proactive in follow-up requests because 80% initiate from follow-up emails. 

Businesses can collect testimonials in two ways – 

  1. Asking directly – Never hesitate to ask customers directly for some feedback via a form.
  2. Automated system – Email forms to clients for collecting their testimonials. 

Make sure to ask the right questions, and be specific so clients don’t feel confused. The purpose of testimonial collection is to build trust. You place clients’ photos beside their testimonials. A video of them telling about their experience is better but ensure it is natural.