Shipping Products by Air or Sea: Do You Need an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder?

If you want to ship products from abroad to the United States by sea, you should be aware of the complexities involved. You will have to deal with customs, coordinate schedules, and handle shipments. Thankfully, you can depend on a Clearit Amazon fba freight forwarding expert to help you organize these for you.

A freight forward handles the transportation of your products from a location to another. They let you import or export products with less hassle for a fee. They can help your shipment gets cleared through customs, handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation, store your shipment after it arrives at a port, pack inventory when necessary, and buy required insurance.

When to Work with a Freight Forwarder

You should know that not all Amazon FBA sellers need the services of a freight forwarder. If you are new to this business, you may order a small amount of inventory. In this case, it’s best to arrange shipping by air for simpler organization and you don’t have to use a freight forwarder. You can work with your manufacturer to ensure your products get to the right Amazon FBA warehouse.

For a small amount of inventory, air shipment will do. You can just schedule the shipment and any transfers will be handled by the plane company itself. This shipping option is more expensive than sea shipping. But, it is still cost-effective since it saves you the hassle or does not necessitate hiring a freight forwarder.

Choosing a Freight Forwarder

If you are shipping a huge inventory from abroad to the United States, you need to work with the right Amazon FBA freight forwarder. Here’s what to look for in a freight forwarder:

  • Amazon FBA experience. A lot of freight forwarders have extensive experience in transporting products to independent warehouses. You will want a freight forwarder with experience shipping goods to Amazon FBA to ensure they accommodate you if you need to get deals on Amazon Seller Central to be shipped by land.
  • Ability to arrange air and sea shipping. Sea shipping makes sense for huge orders. But, sometimes, you may need stock quickly and you may not have the time to organize it. So, you want a freight forwarder that can help you ship your goods either by air or sea.
  • Customs clearance experience. The best freight forwarder will handle all tasks and paperwork to get your shipment cleared through customs. They value your business and make sure your shipment does not get stuck because of customs-related issues.