The Surprising Advantages of Wood Kitchen Counters

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Wood kitchen area countertops are a wonder! Right here’s more concerning this special countertop material.

Kitchen counters are one part of the kitchen that certainly calls for outstanding resilience. The countertops take much for many years; they are the surface areas on which we prepare all of our meals. Picking your cooking area countertop product is certainly worth decent factor to consider, and also one has many great options. While granite, quartz, and also all-natural stone are three of the most preferred alternatives, you may be shocked simply by exactly how well wood kitchen area countertops compare. Below are a few benefits of wood cooking area countertops to think of.


Wood cooking area countertops are just one of the most economical kitchen countertop options. One can select in between a range of wood varieties, such as maple, oak, and walnut. Wood kitchen counters are essentially pricey compared to various kinds of rock countertops; it all depends upon the top quality as well as cut, yet on the whole, timber is a lot more budget-friendly than premium rock.

Gorgeous Layouts

Natural wood kitchen counters are additionally gorgeous and can look right in your home in either a modern-day or rustic kitchen area. All-natural timber adds heat that contrasts well with sleek modern-day shades as well as lines. The designs depend on the different timber grain cuts, including edge, face, and finish grain.


All types of kitchen counters need some level of maintenance to keep them in good condition longer. One could be concerned about timber’s capability to water as well as other cooking fluids, but there is no concern. With regular sealing, wood is absolutely water-proof.

Warmth Resistant

Timber is likewise surprisingly warmth immune. Timber can take hot pans, pots, and also plates and remain unscathed. The only risk of melting the countertop comes when allowing really best-sellers to stay on the kitchen counter for a very long time. If doubtful, always utilize a trivet. Otherwise, one can sand out any type of burns that do take place.


Unlike plastic, wood does not harbor harmful bacteria. Actually, it has antimicrobial buildings that gradually eliminate any kind of bacteria like salmonella on its surface. It is the marvel of nature at the workplace. Of course, regular wiping as well as sanitizing help to keep it tidy.

Easy to Preserve

Timber cooking area countertops are very easy to clean, long-lasting, and repair-friendly. One can make use of watered-down white vinegar to decontaminate, mineral oil to seal, as well as a sander for scrapes. One can chop food directly on a wood kitchen counter, but it is much better to make use of a cutting board.

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