Top 7 London Rental Spots – Where’s Desirable to Live in London?


London is one of the major and best cities in the world. The place is full of amenities, businesses and other activities the main reason as to why individuals might be interested in the place. Although London itself is a very large city made up of smaller ones. Choosing the right destination that suits you in London will depend on a number of factors. The main factor indeed depends on the cost of the rentals or the place values. Before settling in a specific place in the city, it is also important to consider other family factors and personal circumstances such as distance to and from working destination. Some of the desirable places to live in London include;


Is a place located in Islington a locality in Central and North London. Angel is among the major and popular 35 destinations in London. The place includes a thrilling experience especially to those who love the water surrounding environment. For lovers of water Angel is the right destination for you consisting of awesome surrounding and canals. The environment is cool and unique as the place is calm and still looks superb. The best of the experiences when renting in Angel is the presence of house boats. They are affordable, pretty looking and big in size.


It is affordable hence easy to rent in a variety of the houses in the place. The place consists of various businesses such as eateries and excellent shopping destinations for the residents. The eateries are in variety and the best of them all is that they consist of food from various cultures around the world hence not limited. For music lovers, it is also good to choose the place as it is the home to O2 Academy Brixton.

Notting Hill

The place consists of a number of amenities such as restaurants and very classic cafes. The place was made famous and entirely known to a number of people after the production of the Notting Hill film. The area is unique consisting of a carnival place to visit and very appealing. It is centrally located hence favourable to a number of people who might need to travel to other destinations.


This is a place located in South London, the flats to rent in Knightsbridge are of class and affluent. Although the place is affordable to rent in, it is classic in terms of businesses. It consists of modern cafes and restaurants as well as excellent garden squares. Knightsbridge is a beautiful choice for those looking for spacious homes with better view of the city due to its location. It also consists of the outspoken Victoria and Albert museum hence a beautiful destination for tourists. For more information about flats in Knightsbridge click the link.


It is one of the coolest London City places with modern clubs, pubs, restaurants and other amenities all around. It is an excellent destination especially for younger professionals who want a trendy area to reside in.


This is one of the excellent destinations in London with well distributed transport links within and to other cities. The place also consists of a number of educational institutions and several amenities to the satisfaction of the residents.


This is one of the very modernised and trendy areas with ample spacing all over the place. It is located in the South West of London and consists of a number of amenities all well distributed within the thrilling place.