Top Reasons Why Your Website is Failing 

To find out why your website is failing, you need to first learn what a failing website looks like. It could be that you have no traffic, or it might be that there is not a problem attracting traffic to the site but that the website itself doesn’t inspire them to stick around. 

On the other hand, your website could be pretty good, but it just isn’t coming up on Google searches and doesn’t seem to be able to accrue visitors. On the…er… third hand, the website could be underserving your business by making it more difficult than it should be for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. 

Really, a website can be a failing website for many reasons, but some of those reasons are more common than others. What we mean to say is that there are a set of website mistakes which are commonly made and, short of enlisting a professional web designer or SEO services, learning what these are is perhaps the best place to start when it comes it improving your website. 

Moreover, sometimes this DIY approach is totally necessary. Small ecommerce companies typically do not have the resources to enlist professionals for everything that needs to be done. Rather, there is normally a series of prioritized investments to be made when profits and cash flow allow. 

Once you can actually afford professional website design, your company is certainly on the right path. At the start though, you might decide to handle it yourself. You cannot do everything, but you can stop doing many things wrong. That’s a start. 

The Value of Website Design Services

Before getting on to these common mistakes then, it is worth pointing out the value of a website designer. Sacramento website design company Peak Design say that their services are valuable precisely because some things just cannot be done DIY. But what are these things? 

A professional will optimize your website for SEO, and they can also tailor your website to minimize the bounce rate – i.e., encouraging visitors to go deeper. This is something which needs to take into account your products, services, and usual customers. Professional web designers can also ensure aesthetic and brand consistency across every page of website.

Common Mistakes 

Here follows some typical web design mistakes which you can stop making today:

Not Optimized for Smartphones 

It was in 2016 that the number of people viewing websites on a mobile device exceeded those viewing on a laptop or desktop for the first time. Right away, that shows how important it is for your website to look good on a mobile device. Go over web design for the desktop, and then start all over again for the mobile. And keep things consistent. 

Website is Aesthetically Inconsistent

When you click past the homepage and on to deeper pages on the website, are there design elements that do not change? Things like having your logo clearly visible, a recognizable color scheme, and a layout that is broadly consistent are all things you should ensure are present on every page. 

Slow Loading 

And no, this isn’t just the internet speed of visitors to blame. If a website does not have compressed files, optimized images, a good hosting server, and an optimized browser cachet, it will load slowly. Given you only have 3-4 seconds before the typically visitor will click away, this is vital to correct. 

At the beginning of your business journey, it is wise to do what you can and to learn as much as possible about website design. And learning about the common mistakes is a great first step.