Top Tips for a Very Happy Staff

It is the key to a successful business and will help to drive profits up and staff morale along with it. All too often, the employers are bending over backwards to look after the customer and their needs. While overlooking what the team players responsible for making the customer happy are themselves content with doing their job.


Constructive criticism is all very well and good. It helps to point the employee in the right direction. So, when that staff member has corrected their method, it should then be rewarded. A team player should be spoken to on a one to one basis and told how well they responded to the criticism and how pleased the business is now for it.

It is also a good idea to point them in the next direction after a verbal reward has been achieved. There are times in the workplace where the workload can become overwhelming. This is particularly so in office-based environments and places where you might be working with repetition (accounts departments, estate agents, date entry and call centres). 

Sometimes it is an excellent idea for the staff to do something to improve morale beyond the job in hand. Social gatherings, paint ball experiences, go karting, an expedition to the theatre, hill walking or a theme park visit. These are all events where the team can get together and do something besides the daily grind of the work. 

Team building exercises are a little outdated these days but they can be fun if the right environment is sought. 

Never Ever Micromanage

If there is one thing an employee does not like, it’s when the boss is constantly looking over your shoulder. You can delegate without the need to micromanage. This will gain trust – from both sides. Asking an employee to contribute any new ideas they might have to improve the company is a great idea. It gives the staff member confidence that their words have some value. 

Making your employees part of the bigger picture is always going to go well. Communication and trust levels are going to be high. This will only make the staff feel special but morale will be high too. 

Life and Work Balance

To keep staff happy it should be understood that maintain a healthy lifestyle is very important too. Most companies in the Far East will have a period of exercise that all engage in.