Utilitarian tips and tricks in packaging

  • Packaging categories

One has to be cognizant of the three layers involved. Try and be magnanimous with packaging material; the outer layer is what protects the product from natural elements. The inner packaging may be tissue, bubble wrap or airbags that are stuffed inside to keep the product in place. The product packaging, at last, focuses on the box that the product comes in like a lipstick box that contains the brand label and info. Companies like Netpak provide a great many benefits with reference to packing material.

  • Manifold designs

Don’t fixate yourself on one idea! Get creative and involve family and friends for the love of more options. Experimentation and testing goes a long way in determining the end-result. Its important to broaden your horizon and embrace myriad ideas.

  • Cutthroat competition

You have to be unique in your presentation. Go against the flow. It may or may not work in your favour but it’s worth the try. Nothing like having your style creating a revolutionary trend. You need all the ammunition required for an incomparable presentation.

  • Budget

This is completely dependent on the product that you’re selling. If it’s inexpensive, then extravagant packaging will result in loss for the seller. But if you’re selling something exclusive like gold, upmarket packaging works great.

  • Limited wording

People today have the attention span of a goldfish. Keep the info concise and to the point. Customers will not take the trouble of reading paragraphs of data. Photos and short illustrations work better in conveying a point in a short span of time. Clarity of thought is key here.

  • Colourful

The colour you choose should correspond with the product you’re selling. For instance, brown is perfect for selling chocolate, cocoa, and coffee.

  • Swaying customers with a redesign

It’s a bitter pill to swallow but we live in a superficial world where appearances are everything. People care more about the exterior than anything else. As such, revamping of the packaging can do wonders. Sometimes, sales can drop due to hackneyed packaging. Change it up now and then to hold the interest of regular consumers.

  • Do your homework

Look at the world through the lens of your customer. Get out there and conduct a detailed study on what customers want. Understanding their needs will hugely impact your marketing decisions. There are many points to consider like their likes, dislikes, income, place of residence, etc.