When is Asphalt Not the Best Choice? 

When it comes to choosing a material for a parking lot, there is much to think about. You might have it in your mind that asphalt is the best choice, but according to the experts at Parking Lot Pros this is not always the case. In fact, they say that sometimes concrete paving is by far the better option. But when might asphalt not be suitable? 

If Your Business is Located in a Hot Climate

In the warmer climates of the southern states, concrete paving may be a more suitable choice than asphalt because it can handle the heat better. Asphalt can get quite soft in high temperatures and may even become oily. The dark color of the asphalt will retain the heat and it will become hot to the touch. Concrete, on the other hand, is lighter in color and reflects much of the heat, meaning it will be much cooler to the touch. 

If You Want a Low Maintenance Parking Lot

Some business owners do not want to spend time and money maintaining their parking lot once it has been installed. They will prefer to spend more on the initial cost of installing a concrete parking lot if it means they did not have to spend time and money having an asphalt parking lot seal coated every couple of years. 

If Your Parking Lot Will be Used by Heavy Vehicles

A parking lot made from concrete is better for parking lots that are used by heavy vehicles. Concrete holds up better to heavy weights and pressure and is less prone to rutting and dipping. Asphalt parking lots are often affected by potholes that occur when water infiltrates cracks in the surface. The heavier the traffic on an asphalt parking lot, the more cracks are likely to appear. 

If You Want a More Aesthetically Pleasing Parking Lot

If you want your business parking lot to be an extension of your building, then you may want to veer away from asphalt. Concrete parking lots are much more flexible when it comes to design, with a variety of colors and patterns available. 

When is Concrete Not the Best Choice

While there are times when concrete is the more appropriate option for a parking lot, there are instances when asphalt is the better choice. For example, if you cannot be without your parking lot for an extended period of time, you might find that laying asphalt is the better option because it is quicker to lay and to dry. With asphalt, your parking lot can be usable again within a couple of days, but with concrete you may have to wait for up to a week or more before you can park there. 

Concrete is much more expensive to lay than asphalt. And while there is more maintenance involved with an asphalt parking lot, some companies may find that the initial cost of laying a concrete parking lot is too high. Paying less for the initial asphalt installation, coupled with regular smaller payments for seal coating might be more manageable for some businesses. 


There are pros and cons to both concrete and asphalt. Business owners should consider their options and circumstances before deciding on the best material for their parking lot paving. For example, those based in southern states might feel that concrete is the better choice because it can handle the elevated temperatures better than asphalt. However, for those with limited capital, asphalt could be more affordable initially and so may be the better option. 

Both materials can last for a long time when taken care of, but in terms of ongoing maintenance, concrete is the big winner.